2018 Shed Storage Unit: Constructed, (2017)

Shed materials and tools

2' x 3' x 8'

Here at Divinitive Logistics Solutions, we present to you a model of our new 2018 shed storage unit, available now for pre-order. In this package, we provide the materials for a shed, to be constructed for you at a young age by your parents and trusted community members - a shed to be used throughout your life to store memories and truths that confirm and perpetuate your objective existence. The internal space is assembled by family and community members as well, storing the tools used to build the structured space. The ladder creates a framework laid out for you to climb and place monuments to your personal ideological journey, giving you a chance to make this shed your own. But as you get older, you learn that you have the keys to this shed, and you have access to the tools added by you and other influential people in your life. So questions begin to surface: Why does this shed exist? Are the tools I placed in here really of my own volition? Do I even need this shed? What would my parents think if I tore this shed down and returned the package in exchange for cash or another piece of furniture? How come I see the shed as absurd, but my parents willingly and lovingly use their own shed given to them by their parents?