I worked as the curatorial intern at Blue House Too, a community arts space run by the Allen Arts Alliance in Allen, Texas, in the summer of 2015. During my internship I was in charge of every facet of the gallery including press releases and graphic design. This is an example of the postcards I designed that would be given out at every show as a keepsake that included the show description and the list of artists in the show.

After my internship, I was contracted by Blue House Too to continue to create the posters and postcards for the exhibitions. This is an example of a poster I designed for a show six months after my internship ended. My client and former employer asked that the posters and postcards maintain a signature look that transfers between all designs, like the golden frame of National Geographic. I decided that a light blue frame, sans serif font, and a white background represents the Blue House Too gallery in a design format, making it a workable template for future designs.