Wood, light, sound




As you walk in, you see the blue light on the opposite end of the room with red light coming from above. You also notice that there is the sound of AK 47s going off right above you on the red side. As you look up to see where the sound is coming from, you notice there are holes with light in the false ceiling. While looking, you notice that the lights only exist when you stand directly under it. As you move towards the blue side of the room, you see new lights appear. From the blue side of the room you notice that the gunfire has been replaced by the sound of keyboard typing. As you continue to explore the space, you find yourself walking back and forth below the false ceiling, going between the red and the blue, the gunfire and the typing.

Constellations have been used for navigation and for entertainment. The difference in function comes from the need to leave a place physically or the need to leave a place mentally. This piece is inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis and what it means to be on the west and seeing the happenings in Syria all through a computer screen. The constellations presented in this piece are the constellations seen in the northern hemisphere both from Austin, Texas and Aleppo, Syria.