During the summer of 2016, I was the graphic intern at Interstate Batteries ®. As the graphic intern, I was shared between the print department and the web department. During this particular project, I had the privilege to work with Ani Edohoukwa, one of the in-house art directors. Ani’s main design role involves motorsports, specifically Interstate’s sponsorship of Sprint Cup Series Champion, Kyle Busch.

The project I got to work with Ani on was a mural project that will be printed out and placed inside any distributorship and retail shop that would like a motorsports mural. Ani created the design and style of how he wanted the murals, and then asked me to trace some photos that he selected that he wanted done in the same style. The images below are the three murals that I traced in the style Ani desired. After the original tracing was done, I darkened the lines that needed to be kept and erased superfluous lines in order to get to the “essence of the design".