While I worked as the graphic intern at Interstate Batteries®, I had the privilege to work with Brian Hunter, a web developer at Interstate. Brian gave me a web banner design project that would be used on the charger web pages of Interstate’s website. The goal of the web banners was to visually show how the different types of chargers, from phone chargers to car battery chargers, could let the consumer charge their battery anywhere. Although this project was cancelled two weeks into the design process, I had the opportunity to learn and execute the design process in the context of web banners.

I designed multiple web banners for Brian after he gave me a template with copy and a “shop now” button. From here, I made a couple of designs with stock photos I found on Shutterstock, and then I made one as a vector image. After every completed draft, I would get feedback from Brian in regards to color choices, contrast of text, and other design principles. All web banners were produced using Adobe Photoshop.


I also worked with Brian and learned some facets to Section 508 Compliance. With this particular project, Brian gave me previously designed web banners and cartridges and asked me change the colors in order to be 508 compliant. Through this project, I had the opportunity to work with and become familiar with color changes that accommodates people with visual disabilities.