In the fall of 2013, I was the Design Intern at Urbanspace Realty and I had the privilege to work with Robbie Polk, the graphic designer at Urbanspace. 

Robbie hired me on to help him with two projects in particular. The first project was formatting the listings for Urbanspace’s 2014 listing booklet. I had the opportunity to work on the cover as well as created the design template for the actual listings of properties. After designing the listing template, I then applied the template to the 200-page booklet with Adobe InDesign.

The second project I worked on was creating a vector file of a map of the City of Austin. Robbie created the actual design of the map, and then I followed the design he set before me and I created the vector map of Austin by tracing Google Map screenshots with Adobe Illustrator. While working on this project, I learned how to use layers appropriately when creating a large file. The map shown here is only the downtown area; the master map included the 5 major regions of Austin.