Process Pieces

1) The LOGOS  (2014)

1) The LOGOS (2014)

2) Center Space Project  (2014)

2) Center Space Project (2014)

3) God is Good  (2014)

3) God is Good (2014)

4) Happiness vs Joy  (2014)

4) Happiness vs Joy (2014)

7) ¿Qué es el amor? (2015)

10) Esparanza (2017)

5) Love Is All You Need  (2015)

5) Love Is All You Need (2015)

8) Unity  (2015)

8) Unity (2015)

11) We Saved Hamlin Park  (2017)

11) We Saved Hamlin Park (2017)

6) A Moment in Community  (2015)

6) A Moment in Community (2015)

9) Friendship (2015)

Process pieces make a space for people to take part in the creation of an artwork together. The art is not the chalk drawing at the end, but it is the relationship and memory created with other people; this art is an event that happens and then remains in the form of memento and memory.

Anyone can do a process piece—it just takes chalk and some moments of play and community. If you do a process piece with you and a community, I would love to hear about it! Send me a memento and tell me about the memories made at      

The Origins of the Process Piece

The day after Valentine's Day in 2014, my brother, my roommate, and I went to surprise visit our friend in College Station. The same afternoon of surprising her, all four of us went to a parking lot in Bryan, Texas with the goal of creating something together. The original mission was to create something similar to my ink drawings with emphasis on the idea of the creativity of a community.

After starting with a large outlined circle, we discussed what to put in the middle. As we talked, about 20 elementary school aged boys rode up on their bicycles to see what we were up to. All of a sudden it clicked—the kids would help us fill in the circle. If you watch "The LOGOS", the first process piece footage, we filled the chalk circle with imagery, logos, and text. Before calling it "done", we filled in the circle with as much color as possible. Afterwards, we took lots of photos of the chalk as well as ourselves with the chalk. It was a spontaneous event of friendship, love, and community. This was such a powerful experience for us, that we wanted more people to be involved in spontaneous communities such as this one. Since that fateful day, we have created 10 process pieces in 2 countries, and we hope to continue creating these as long as chalk, parking lots, and people still exist.