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Knitting in Solidarity, (2019)

Corresponded by Connor Walden

Those who prayed with their hands: Abbey Blackwell, Alex Taft, Andrea Kalus, Andrea Rodriguez Burckhardt, Angie Pool, Ann Ringstad, Anne Lewis, Barbie Swisher, Berkeley Parks, Beth Snyder, Bonnie Walden, Brian Evans, Brian Park, Caitlin Beare, Caitlin Pensak, Camarie Keosoff, Carrie Kubetz, Cassi McDougall, Cassidy Jones, Chandler Grace Terry, Chris Vincent, Cicelia Ross-Gotta, Claudia Burckhardt, Connor Walden, Dani Reinhardt, Debbie Hiscock, Debbie Raby, Dolores Doyle, Donna Allen, Dr. Lora-Ellen McKinney, Eleanor Schubert, Elena Kochetova, Evelyn Burckhardt, Haley Hyde, Holly Dirks, Jeanne Dolan, Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Simpson, Judy Ko, Judy Le Blanc, Kalee Vandergrift, Kaplan Cooperative, Karen Eisenbrey, Karin Scovill, Kate Thompson, Kathy Donnellan, Kathy Walden, Katrina England, Kazie Good, Kirsten Yelin, Kristin Joyner, Kyle Walden, Larnell Randolph, Laura De La Cruz, Laura Haack, Lauren Leshly, Leah Fulmer, Linda Allen, Linda Frank, Louise Guryan, Lynn Harris, Margie Clark, Maria Phoutrides, Marlene Fernandez, Mary Dickson Diaz, Meylen Rosas, Molly Hoffman, Noor Asif, Northwest University, Pam Richardson, Patty Hoey, Person from Great Britain, Phyllis Holzworth, Phyllis Jackson, Rachel Kirby, Ren Nguyen, Ronan Delisle, Sandra Matthews, Sara Fishman, Sarah Patlan, Selena Hawryluk, St. Luke’s Catholic School, Stacie Scaduto, Susan Lauzac, Susan Medeiros, Susan Sasnett, Tanya Sidarova, Theresa Olson, Tiana Powell, Tristan Greeno, Vivy Phan


Yes, (2019)

In collaboration with Niki Korth from the Big Conversation Game

Performed in San Fransisco, CA on March 29


(insular), (2018)

Installation includes 8’ x 8’ room built to code, green screen paint, found objects

In collaboration with Granite Calimpong and Brighton McCormick

This collaborative work explores the individual and collective mental and physical spaces, the tendency to drift away into increasingly isolated states, and the difficulty in identifying one's own projections.


Pronounced Red, (2019)

In collaboration with Alex Bradshaw-Yerby

VR Video


Experimenting with new ways to make books useful in the digital age. A work in progress, but be sure to watch this video on your iPhone to get the full experience.


Seed Spiral, (2017)

Pot, dirt, and video installation

Performed by Lucie Baker and Connor Walden

In collaboration with Lucie Baker


To Ashes, (2019)

Performed by Alethea Alexander, Adele Nickel, and Connor Walden

Performed in Ravenna Park in Seattle, Washington on June 24th

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The final performance of the shed.


Fastening, (2018)

Performed at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington on “Stadium Piece” by Bruce Nauman on July 20, 2018

Performed by and in collaboration with Adele Nickel, Brandin Steffensen, Leslie Kraus, Susan Haines and Connor Walden

Photo Credit to Alex Bradshaw-Yerby


Times 3, (2019)

Performed at Ravenna Collaboratory in Seattle, Washington by Adele Nickel, Alex Bradshaw-Yerby, Caitlin Beare, Lucie Baker, and Connor Walden on March 30 - April 2

In collaboration with Adele Nickel, Alex Bradshaw-Yerby, Caitlin Beare, and Lucie Baker


2018 Shed Storage Unit: (re)Construction, (2018)

Performed at Marine Park in Bellingham, Washington by Adele Nickel and Connor Walden on March 4

In collaboration with Adele Nickel

Production Assistant: Susan Haines


2018 Shed Storage Unit: Deconstruction Demonstration, (2017)

Sculpture, performance, dance, installation

Performed by Adele Nickel and Connor Walden

In collaboration with Adele Nickel


SeeSaw, (2018)

Orange dyed sawdust, orange painted wood, orange plastic cups

In collaboration with Mackenzie Waller


Wandering(s), (2018)

Improvisational composition for two players and sound installation

Performed by Caitlin Beare & Connor Walden in Seattle on March 10

In collaboration with Caitlin Beare


Modern Desert, (2018)

In collaboration with Bothell UMC

Industrial copier, filing cabinet, copies, weekly devotionals, and Psalter


At the end of the 2018 Lenten Season, Bothell UMC wrote 55 personal Psalms that were then bound together into a Psalter. These psalms ranged from poems to stories to drawings expressing to God or to themselves or to their loved ones about topics such as anger, lamentation, thanksgiving, and more. Connor Walden facilitated contemplative writing workshops throughout this exhibition to encourage and support the writing of the psalms. Each week, the chairs of the chapel we rearranged according to the topic, instrumental music was played, names were shared, and guided writing sessions commenced.


Process Pieces, (2014 - Present)

Love Is All You Need (2015)